About Us

Mission Statement:


To create and market stylish and quality products and services that will help to bring out the positive inner qualities of inspiration, innovation, excitement, ultimate confidence, fearlessnesses, daring and to feel on top of one's game and be ready for action whether at work or play without the need of drugs.


Vision Statement:


To be a fun, fearless and innovative organisations/companies aiming to continuously revolutionise the industries we're in with effortlessly cool and timeless brands that have the power to deliver positive awareness with integrity and style. We aim to be market leaders of all industries and admired for our values creating the Super Brands of the future.




Cocaine®, Bad London®, Screw You®, Corruption® & Bribery® Brands We are fun, innovative, stylish, exciting and effortlessly super cool British fashion and lifestyle brands that aims to deliver positive awareness for a positive, healthier and more successful lifestyle in order to equip the new generation with knowledge. Our brands are exposed at trade shows, fashion events and exclusive international fashion windows such as London’s Kings Road, London’s Soho, London’s Bond Street and abroad who have A list celebrity clientele, including pop stars, film stars, football stars, Princes and Princesses. We are a member of the UK's leading online fashion portal for British designers. We established as fashion brands and as an extension of our brands we have moved into several other industries. Our exciting and innovative brands aim to deliver positive awareness through our fashion, music, sports and other industries. Through fashion, music, sports and other industries, we want to be ambassadors for a positive lifestyle for our generation. We believe, and our research proves, that our brands have the power to grab people's attention and deliver positive awareness more effectively. Our brands trigger an opportunity for parents, guardians and teachers to discuss the positive awareness issues delivered by our brands, as an open talking point leading to a healthier, safer and positive living. We sell intelligent ideas and concepts with our brands. Britain is made of intelligent and innovative ideas which are sold worldwide and we are proud to be part of it. We are commited to working with dynamic and creative fashion designers,individuals, companies and organisation to consistently reinvent our design and concepts to keep them ever fresh and exciting for our branded ranges while always maintaining their effortlessly super cool and fun appeal and still delivering positive awareness to retain its integrity. We're not just another fashion and lifestyle brands; we are effortlessly super cool lifestyle brands with powerful positive concepts that delivers.